“A leader’s most powerful ally is his or her own example.” John Wooden


“Contrary to the opinion of many people, leaders are not born. Leaders are made, and they are made by effort and hard work.”  Coach Vince Lombardi


SALT is our Student Athlete Leadership Team. Our goal is to train up young men and women who can lead themselves on and off the court; to effectively, courageously and powerfully lead their team and to apply their leadership skills in every area of their life now and in the future.


This team is comprised of 2 team captains from each sport team during their season (fall, winter, spring). These team captains meet weekly with the Athletic Director to go through a leadership training course. A variety of training tools are used including the Team Captains Leadership Manual by Jeff Janssen. In his book Jeff says, “Effective leadership is about a concept called the Power of One. All it takes is one person who is committed, focused, and on a mission to spark an entire team into believing in themselves, working hard, fighting through adversity, playing with unity, and achieving some very special things. YOU COULD BE THAT PERSON!”


Our team Captains are trained to:

Believe in themselves and their ability to lead

Get and keep themselves motivated

Keep their composure under pressure

Put their teammates first

Inspire their teammates

Get their teammates back on track

Build a winning team chemistry

Minimize and manage team conflict

Conduct themselves with class

Be the example on and off the field